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Last updated Wednesday, 04-Apr-2001 19:00:31 EDT.

Report of trip to London to attend a meeting among the governments of UK, Canada, and Australia

ACES has arrived. The first ACES contract has been placed by GSA. Agencies are encouraged to contact GSA for details.

Access With Trust, September, 1998 (PDF Document)

Administrative Testimony, February 10, 1998, G. Edward DeSeve

Administration Views on Digital Signature and Electronic Authentication Law, April 29, 1998

The official five finalists for the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) are MARS, RC6, Rijndael, Serpent, and Twofish.

Statement of Andrew J. Pincus, General Counsel, US Department of Commerce, regarding H.R.1714, Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, June 9, 1999

Don't confuse a Y2K problem with a browser certificate expiration event. October 26, 1998 (PDF document)

Charter Documents and Final Report
Technical Advisory Committee to develop a Federal Information Processing Standard for the Federal Key Management Infrastructure, November, 1998

The Evolving Federal Public Key Infrastructure (PDF Document)

The FBCA Statement of Work, to which GSA is executing the agreement, has been approved. November 27, 1998

FPKI Steering Committee Action Plan, May 27, 1998

Federal Bridge CA demonstrated at EMA Challenge (Powerpoint document)

The agreement between Treasury and GSA to design, develop, implement, and operate the Federal Bridge Certification Authority has been signed and has commenced execution. (PDF document) September 1999

Key Recovery Demonstration Project

Legal and Policy Work Group's Draft Model Certificate Policy Documents, July 8, 1998

Part A
Part B

Letter to the Health Care Financing Administration
Oct 13, 1998

Letter to Dr. Willis H. Ware
National Institute of Standards and Technology
Jun 29, 1998

Office of Management and Budget:
Draft Guidance on Electronic Signature

Report from the Meeting of Australian, Canadian, and US Officials on PKI, November 1-15, 1999

"Response to Questionnaire from International Council for Information Technology in Government Applications" August 15, 1999 (PDF document)

Two Memoranda from the White House:


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